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How Making Her Friends As Your Bridge Could Be a Great Trouble

POSTED ON March 17th  - POSTED IN How To Talk With Girls

I understand that you get scared at first when you have the chance to talk to her. Being nervous is actually really normal for everybody, even those who are “experts” at this. It only shows that you are romantically interested in her that is why you feel that butterflies in your stomach.

When we get nervous, we sometimes resort to our creativity just to get to talk to her. I know you must be thinking of sending her text messages or emails or you would interact with her through social networking sites. However, there are really some who thinks way beyond what we can think of, and that is to send messages or love notes through the girl’s close friends. Sounds brilliant? Well, I do not think so that is why I will not recommend it to you. Here are the reasons why you should not use her friends as your bridge towards her:


  • You might just send her the message that you are really coward to face her.

If you keep on sending her notes or messages through her friends, she might only think that you are not man enough to face her. It turns a woman off if a guy is doing this kind of tactic. It only implies that you do not have the confidence to really come to her and talk to her personally. Men may have fears but if they are man enough, they would certainly be able to surpass it. That is the true essence of manhood.


  • Not only that you would look bad in front of her but also to her friends.

Sending messages to her through her friends would only disclose everything that should only be kept between you and the girl. That is why if something happens along the way, expect that her friends would also be able to know everything. You will not only be embarrassed in front of her but also to her friends. That is the sad truth if you are too vulgar with your friends. You get to know everything with no exceptions.

Remember that girls are “talkative” by nature. So if she turns you down, the whole club certainly knows about it with an eyebrow raised on you.


  • She might be thinking that you are only interested in one of her friends.

Making her friends as your bridge towards her might send her the wrong message. She might only think that you are actually interested with one of her friends and not her. I tell you, women are sensitive and also jealous. They are susceptible of thinking a lot of things without even you thinking about it.

If you are really sincere about getting closer to her, then do not use her friends. Stand up and be a man. Do your move before anyone else does.


  • Worst, she would just treat you like a “boy”.

The worst part of this scenario is that she would only be treating you as a “boy”, someone who is not a man enough and immature to play games on her. So if you do not want her to treat you that way, gather yourself and talk to her one on one.

Asking Her About Her Spending

POSTED ON February 24th  - POSTED IN Things You Should Never Say To Women

Let us face it. Girls are really materialistic. It is somewhat their avenue to release their stress and depression over certain things. They will shop here and there just to forget about their problems at work or even at home. That is why you can never blame them if you see them spending so much over some material things. The more they spend, the more they would be able to forget.

Most men do not find the relevance between shopping and relieving from stress because technically, men are men. You certainly have different ways to relieve yourself from stress. But for girls, this is the only way, that is to say the most effective one. That is why telling her “I think you have already been spending too much” is really a big no-no. She will definitely flare up and will never talk to you ever again.

I know, I know. You really cannot jive in with women’s language. So the trick here is that to change the very words you are going to say that will not anger her. If you want to remind her, say this in a simpler and more humble manner. I am quite sure that she would be able to understand you. In relation to this scenario, let me share to you some of important matter that you need to consider in order to have a smooth relationship with a girl:


  • Do not push her into doing something she does not want.

Every person wants to be independent. Just like with girls, they do not want you to insist and force them to do something they hate because surely, they will hate you forever. Pushing them to the limits is not advisable. Remember that girls are very sensitive. One wrong move and you are out.

If you are really serious about her, you would extend your patience in understanding her all the time. But of course, do not forget that you also have to establish that you are a man and not just some slave who will always be following after her.


  • Do not think and decide for her.

Women get irritated with men who keep on deciding for her actions. She feels as if she is very constrained and held in a bar like she can no longer do anything. I know men must have the authority. But at least, give her the liberty to choose what she really wants. Perhaps, she would appreciate you more if you respect her decisions rather than contradicting it.


  • Do not tease her like there is no tomorrow.

Teasing her gently is good. But teasing her too much is something that you should really avoid. If you keep on doing this, she would certainly get annoyed and wished that you would be gone. Do not tease about something that is too personal. Doing it otherwise would only make you look bad in front for you. So always keep yourself on guard about this matter before you will regret it.

Walk Your Dog and Meet Eligible Women

POSTED ON February 21st  - POSTED IN How To Meet Women

Bringing your dog with and try to walk around the corner is quite a passé tactic but never fails to work all the time. If you have a dog, use it to your advantage. You can go for a walk or you can join some dog shows and meet-ups. I am sure you would be able to find and meet good women.

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. They will be loyal to you and even risk their lives just to protect and save you from possible harm. At this point in time, they might also be able to help you when it comes to meeting women. They could add to your charm and make you look good in the eyes of most women.

People with dogs are branded to be loving, passionate and really good persons. That is why being seen with dogs gives you a plus factor. You would give everyone an impression that you are a one good man. If you want to impress one girl who also loves dogs, you better take this as a good tip. You can walk with her together with your dogs. This could be a good opportunity for you to get closer to her and know more about her. Here are some ways that you can use your dog to your advantage in meeting women:


  • Walk at the park.

You can do this as a hobby. Walk your dog daily at these parks. Who knows, you might be able to meet the perfect woman of your dreams. You can talk with women you can see at that place. Approach her without being too pushy. I am quite sure that she would love to talk about your dog and know you better as well.


  • Sign up for dog shows.

If you have come across with organised dog activities such as dog shows, you can try signing up your buddy. This does not make you less of a man. In fact, this could be a way for you to impress a woman.

In the same way, you would also be able to meet women in these activities who are also dog lovers. Surely, you would be able to talk about a lot of things and get along well with each other. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet fine women.


  • Join meet ups for dog lovers.

Aside from dog shows, there are also some activities organised wherein the focus is not just on the dogs but also with their best friends. Dog owners would be able to meet and greet other dog owners. In your case, you can talk to women whom you can share the same interest with. This is one way of socialising with other people most especially getting closer with fine and beautiful women.


  • Shop for your dog.

You can go to shops to buy some fancy accessories for your dogs. In going to these stores, you would certainly be able to meet a girl who is also buying something for her pup. Perhaps you can strike a small conversation with her. This could be a perfect timing because you would definitely have a lot to talk about, most especially about your dog.

Telling her that you have always been like that

POSTED ON January 8th  - POSTED IN Things You Should Never Say To Women

There is no such thing as a happy ending always. In order for it to be attained, both of you have to work out on it and accept your differences that might be the source of your arguments. Most breakups are usually stemmed from simple misunderstanding that had led into big and irreconcilable quarrels. Since no one would give way, then the problem would never be settled.

The way I see it, couples fight because they use words or phrases inappropriately. They are being misunderstood by their partner. That is why, in this arguments, you can hear a lot of loud curses being thrown out by one to another.

As a man, you have to understand that women are very sensitive whenever you say something different to them. One of the things that you should never say to her is that: “You knew I was this way” or “I am what I am and you can never change that”. That is like a dagger that strikes them right through the heart. Why? Here are the very reasons that I think you should know:


  • It implies that you will never change for the good.

Everybody change. However, it cannot be denied that there are really some traits that are already embedded in our personality. Be it a good one or bad, you would certainly have a hard time changing it.

But telling her such statement would send her a message that you will never bother to change your bad habit or that you are hopeless in getting away with it. The key here is that you would be able to choose the right words to say in order not to flare her up. You can instead say: “I know I have been like this but I am working on it”. In this way, you are conveying the message lightly for her to understand and accept.


  • You are blaming her for not being happy with you.

If you will be telling those words to her, it is as if you are giving the entire blame on her why she is not completely happy about your relationship. It is like you are telling her that “Hey, I have been like this. So why do you still want me as your boyfriend?”

It is not the fault of the girl why she likes you even if you are like that. The best thing that you can do is to let her understand bit by bit that you are currently working with it and that you are hoping that she would be able to understand it.


  • It gives her an impression that you really do not care about her.

Telling her this statement would let her feel that she is really not important for you. I know you are in the middle of an argument, but at least you would be able to find the right words to tell her everything without hurting her feelings.


  • It is as if you want her out of your life.

When you say this, you are like driving her away from you. It is somewhat implying that if she is not happy with the way you act, then she better find someone else.

Your Simple Guide to a Memorable Date

POSTED ON September 8th  - POSTED IN What to talk About
Every date will always be a first time. This is because every date should be different from each other. Either you would do certain gimmicks or make it truly magical just to make it truly exceptional. However, no matter what type of surprises you intend to have on your date, you have to understand that the real score in making a date a memorable one is through a good conversation.

You sure do not want to end up with a boring date. In order for you to have a positive one, talk about something fascinating that could stimulate the interest of your date. As a rule of thumb, you should remain to be natural and confident in dealing with your date. Do not let them feel you are nervous or that you are uneasy. Enjoy the moment and make it a date that your partner would always remember. To help you, here is a simple guide that you can consider whenever you are on a date:

  • Talk about something that you are passionate about

Of course, you can always start of your conversation with a topic that you know well, and that is all about you. You can talk about a lot of things including your interests and what you are currently up to. Share things that you think would make your date share also his or her interests as well.
However, while sharing things that you are passionate about, you have to also take note whether your partner is interested in hearing all these things. You can assess this through the responses, gestures and other similar indications. In the same way, do not appear so arrogant in sharing all these things because you might just end up losing a good conversation with your date. Remember, first impression lasts.

  • Share about your interest on some domestic chores

If you are good in cooking, you can share this with your date. You can actually talk about a lot of things even with just cooking as a topic. This could give your partner an idea that you are indeed an interesting person to be with. You can even share some tips or trivia. Your date will always be happy to learn a lot of things from you most especially if he or she knows that you are indeed knowledgeable about this matter. Spice up things and give your date an impression that-that date is not just any ordinary date that he or she could have.

  • Family matters and values can also impress your date

One thing that could impress your date is your values. You can also share a bit of your family. From this, you could give your date a small hint of what you are really like as a person. This might even give your date a good impression. You just have to be honest and be spontaneous.

  • Discuss about your outdoor activities and other plans

The best part in your conversation is where you could share and discuss your outdoor activities and interests. You might be sharing the same interests and from this you would get along well. You can even invite your date if ever he or she is interested in some of the activities that you are planning to have, maybe this weekend.

  • Funny stories work all the time

They always say that you can get the heart of someone if you have a good sense of humour. Remember that funny stories or conversation really works all the time. You can never go wrong in using this all-time favourite tactic. But remember, do not overdo it. Just make it as natural as it could be.

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