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Picking up a Girl Your Way

POSTED ON June 2nd  - POSTED IN How to Pick Up a Girl

While most people say a lot of things about what you should do in picking up a girl, I say that you can always have it your way. You can explore a lot ways to get the attention of the girl you like but nothing beats the way that you could originally think of.

Every person fixes certain things in a manner he is used to. Well, he can use DIY manuals or he can ask his friends how to do it. But the moment you place your hands on the material, you are definitely doing it your own way based on what you have learned. That is the same thing when it comes to picking up a girl. You can learn a lot of different tips from different perspectives but when you are on your own, you would certainly do it the way you think would be best.

There is actually nothing wrong in searching for effective ways to pick up a girl and ask her for a date. You can use these as your guide but never do exactly what it says. It would just turn out that the lady is dating someone and not you. Likewise, it would only be difficult for you in the long run because you are establishing an ideal you, which is not actually the real you.

So how is it going to pick up a girl your way? I have come up with good ideas that you might as well consider. Here, try to take a look at these:


  • Talk about things that you are familiar with.

Since you are still not sure about the girl’s likes and dislikes, then what could possibly a good topic for you to converse with? Well, it all boils down to your creativity in finding something interesting that both of you can talk about.

So the best topic that you can have for this simple talk is something that you are very familiar with. Talk about things that you really want to talk about. From there, you could be yourself without pretending to know things that you really have not encountered in your entire life.

You would appear very knowledgeable, which turns on a girl. But of course, never overdo it. Sometimes, you would appear too confident that most girls would already be annoyed.


  • Talk about nonsense.

This could not be a good idea but there are some instances that talking about nonsense really helps. Such technique could be used if you have run out of topics to talk about or that you are too nervous to talk to a girl.

When there is plan A, make sure that you have a plan B. That is why this idea of talking nonsense might just be able to save you from a boring conversation. So you better have a plan B or else you would lose your only chance of dating with her.


  • Do not memorize your lines.

Although you have planned certain things that you wish to talk to the girl, do not make it appear as if you are memorizing your lines. It would be too obvious most especially if you forget even just a single word. Prepare a line but be spontaneous.

Standing Out Effectively Among Her Suitors

POSTED ON May 23rd  - POSTED IN How to Pick Up a Girl

Going out with someone you liked most is the best thing that could have ever happened to your life. However, what if one day you know that you are just one of the many suitors that she has been dating lately, wouldn’t that scare you?

Remember that we are in a world wherein you are competing with a lot of people most especially in terms of survival. Although we are no longer in the age of natural selection, it would be much better that at least you have made efforts to really stand out among the rest.

You are attracted with a girl because she is beautiful and definitely appealing. Do you think you are the only one who feels that way? There are also other men who feel the same way as you do. Of course, you cannot stop them from liking her just because you are the first one to like her. That is totally absurd. What you need to do is to do something extraordinary that her other suitors have not thought of doing it. The key here is that the one who impresses her much becomes the winner. So, are you ready for the challenge?

Getting above the others is one clear goal that is quite different to pursue. That is why I have here a few tips that might help you stand out and win your girl. I hope this works for you:


  • Always be positive.

Out with the bad vibes and let optimism rule. Do not think twice if ever you want to do something for her. Never think that she would not probably like what you have prepared for her. Always think positive. It is just a matter of mind over matter.

When you think it is the best, then definitely it would be the best. Show her that you are the man whom she can always depend on and not just some immature boy who only wants to play around.


  • Be persistent.

Do not be daunted with the number of suitors that she has or how influential they could be. Never give up on her. Show to her that you are always around for her no matter what. Even if she tries to disregard you for no reason, show to her that you are really interested with her. Remember that women change their minds every now and then. You might just be a one lucky man when she sees that you have never given up on her all this time.


  • Think of a good gimmick.

Be creative. Most women like surprises. They sometimes get bored with the usual romantic candlelight dinner. Think of a way that would really set you apart from the others. She would definitely remember you when you have done something extraordinary that others have not thought of doing.


  • Make her want you more.

Amidst the fact that you are doing everything to let her notice you, do not forget that you also have to leave something for yourself. Do not give everything. Leave her wondering whether you would still call her or you would invite her for another date. Make her want you more, that is perhaps the most effective rule.

Co-Relation of Your Lifestyle with Picking up A Date

POSTED ON May 12th  - POSTED IN How to Pick Up a Girl

Notice that hot men date hot chicks or that rich people date women of the same level with theirs. However, this does not mean that you should be rich in order to date a rich lady or that you should be a hunk to date a babe. What I am trying to say is that if you want to date someone with the qualities you are looking for in a woman, then you better make sure that you have changed your lifestyle. This is because your way of living determines the very quality of women who will be attracted to you.

So what constitutes your lifestyle? It includes your interests, hobbies, your style and fashion, your social circles, your career and most especially how good looking you are. If you haven’t shaved for a while, do you think you would be able to have a good catch? Well, the chances are very low.

There is always what we called “first impression lasts”. This is very true for women who are also looking for men that they could date. Any woman would want a “knight in shining armour” in their lives. However, for whatever its worth, it would usually begin with the looks of the man.

If I were you, I would definitely change myself for the better. Although I am not telling you to pretend to be someone you are not. What I am trying to point out is that you could at least be at your best in order for you to get the attention of the woman you are trying to win. So how are you going to do that? Here are some ways that I could share with you to get the woman of your dreams:


  • Get yourself a fresh new look.

Gone are the days that long hair rocks. Set yourself into the fad. Although this does not mean that you should turn yourself into some wanna-be. Just get yourself a new look. If you are bored with your style, you can try to change it and experiment which style would suit you. You would just be surprised that by the moment you changed your looks, you have also gained more confidence.


  • Be a good career man.

Women want security from men. If you showed yourself as somewhat irresponsible with no sense of direction in life, do you think a woman would want to go out with you?

You can focus on your career and be successful while enjoying the life.  You could date as much as you want as long as you do not get too attached.


  • Do not go with a group who would only lure you into bad vices.

It is okay to hang out some time with your friends and have a drink. But doing it frequently is already not good. Do not give a girl an impression that you are not mature enough to say no to these vices. Be responsible at all times.


  • Engage yourself with healthy activities.

Try going out to the gym or joining different sports. This would not only shape your physical attributes but it would also give you a much healthier way of living.

Knowing More About Her Through Social Networking Site

POSTED ON April 24th  - POSTED IN How to Pick Up a Girl

If you are a veteran, then picking up a girl would never be too difficult for you to do. But if you are still new to this, say you have tried a few tries and then get rejected by girls, then you probably need some help.

What went wrong? You are the only one who can tell that. Perhaps you have said something offensive or you have actually said nothing. Likewise, you might have done something that she does not like or she could have been waiting for you to do your move for quite a long time already and you have not done anything. Well, whatever the reason might be, remember that there are always two sides of the coin. You get one side and lose the other. So which side have you actually gained and which side have you lost?

If you are really serious about taking her on a date, then you should have extended your effort to the nth level. I am not telling you though to really get serious on this. At least, if you want a good result, then you better do something extra.

She might just be another girl in the neighbourhood whom you want to go out with. Hence, you have to get to know her better by looking her up on some social networking sites. Girls would appreciate it if you make efforts to know her better secretly. If you try to search her on these sites, I suggest that you should know the following:


  • Her complete name

Of course, it would be awkward to go out with someone whom you do not know her name. Well I guess, even before you come into this social networking site, you already have an idea of what her first name is. This could be enough but like I said, put an extra effort in knowing her better.

Know her full name. But if she does not disclose it due to some security reasons, at least you would know how she is being called by her closest friends and her immediate family.


  • Her immediate family and close friends

You should at least get acquainted with people that surround her, which includes her siblings, parents and close friends. From this, you would have an idea whom to go to just in case you really want to get closer with her. Be strategic and creative. However, do not appear like you are a stalker because it might just scare and intimidate her.


  • Her favourite colour

This might sound odd but yes, knowing her favourite colour helps. If you are successful in inviting her to a date, then you could at least give her something like a bouquet of flowers wrapped in a sheet with her favourite colour. That move is really impressive, I tell you.


  • Her interests

By looking into her likes and dislikes, you would already have an idea where you could take her and what you could talk about on your first date. This could be an advantage because surely, you would not end up taking her to a place that she really does not like.

Tips On Picking Up A Complete Stranger

POSTED ON April 16th  - POSTED IN How to Pick Up a Girl

It is not being desperate to invite someone for a date who is a complete stranger to you. Of course, you really cannot tell that among those strangers that you see every day, one of them could be the woman whom you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Well, I know that it is a bit too advance to think that way but what I am trying to point out is that it is not impossible to meet eligible women on the road.

Meeting new people on the road is definitely more exciting than you think. You can get to know different people with different personalities. If you are an open-minded person and do not confine your search on certain qualifications, then you would definitely find great women even just on the road.

You could be as creative as you can and be witty when you say your first line. To help you have an idea of what I am talking about, here are some tips that I would like to share with you. Make this as your guide whenever you do the “move”:


  • Do not appear too confident.

What turns off a lady is when a guy would approach her and speak to her as if he is a super hottie. Even if you are, you still have to back off and approach the lady in a more gentle way. Women do not want men who are too confident about themselves. I really cannot exactly tell why we, women, could sense that.  I guess it is just part of our very sensitive intuition. That is why if a woman looks at you with an eyebrow raised, I suggest you better forget what you are planning.


  • Be straightforward.

Forget the “ums”, “ah”, “eh” and other annoying fillers. Your nervousness is too obvious. When you want to tell her something, be straightforward. You could at least prepare or rehearse a bit if you are really not sure about what you are going to tell her. But of course, even if you have prepared for that line, make it appear as if everything is spontaneous and natural.


  • Do it quickly.

If you like the girl, do not have some second thoughts. Approach her right away. You might just lose your chance. She could either leave the bus too soon or go somewhere else you could no longer reach. Grab the opportunity when you have it. You have got nothing to lose anyway if you try.


  • Make it light.

When you approach a lady, do not assume that you will immediately spend the rest of your life with her. Do not take it too seriously as it would only give you disappointments in the end. Remember, you are the guy. You control everything. Thus, let the girl keep you wanting more.

Whether you are in a travel or just happened to drop by that area, anything could happen in an instant. You can meet a lot of nice people. You just have use this opportunity well and make sure that you do not get attached that much.

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