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Ask Her Out According To Her Availability

POSTED ON May 5th  - POSTED IN How to Ask a Girl Out

Sometimes, men ask out women only at a time that suits them well without even thinking whether the lady is available at that very time. So the tendency for this case is that you would definitely receive a “no” as an answer. Thus, if you want to have a “yes”, then let the girl tell you when would be the perfect time that works best for her.

Like they always say, it takes two to tango. That is the same thing when it comes to dating. You would never be able to get her confirmation if you propose a date at a time in which she is not available. Technically, how would she be able to go out with you if she already had prior appointments? So if you are asking her out, let her decide what time suits her best. In this way, you would surely not receive a “no” for an answer.

So how would such conversation go? Try to check this sample conversation. Although I am not really telling you to exactly do it, I would just like you to give you an idea of how conversation could go without intimidating the girl.


Boy: How about we grab some coffee or drinks sometime this week?

Girl: Yeah sure. I’m okay with that.

Boy: When is it good for you?

Girl: My schedule’s actually full most of the week but I can make it on a Saturday night or maybe Sunday morning.

Boy: Saturday night would be perfect. Let’s say 8 o’clock maybe?

Girl: 8 o’clock would be fine.   

Boy: Great. Perhaps we could also grab some food. Are you okay with that?

Girl: I’d love that. See you on Saturday then.

Boy: Perfect. See you on Sunday!


You can actually change the conversation a bit. But just make sure that when you ask her out, you would be able to deliver the lines spontaneously. It is okay to prepare your lines. Just don’t blurt it out like you’ve been memorising it all along.

If you were able to get her availability, surely you could go out more often. Put your best foot forward. Let her feel that she is the only one that you cared for and that you are available anytime for her. When you ask her out at a time that works for her, you would certainly experience the following advantages:


  • A quick “yes”

A woman could rarely say “no” if she is available whenever you make an offer. You can get an instant confirmation without you worrying when would be the next time that you would be able to take her out.


  • More dates in the future

When you already know her availability, it would be easier for you to ask for a 2nd date or so. Since she already trusts you, then you would certainly let her agree to your invitation.


  • Know her better

With the dates that you have been into with her, surely you get to know her better. Hence, a good advantage on your part to do your move.


  • You became one of her priorities

Since you have fit into her schedule, then most likely she would never replace it with some other appointments.

Invite Her to a “Not-So Fun” Date

POSTED ON April 2nd  - POSTED IN How to Ask a Girl Out

While it is really ideal to offer an exceptional date like nature tripping and hiking, wall climbing, rafting or any other overactive dates, it would still be better if you would invite her to a simple date. This is because there is a tendency for her to say “no” if she finds it too complicated and difficult to get along.

Ask her for a simple date which she could just easily say “yes” like going to coffee shops or a dinner at some fine place. There is a greater possibility that she would agree to simple dates rather than going out for some sporty activities. I am telling you that women are very conscious beings. If they think they can’t do well with a certain activity, then she would never risk going out and get embarrassed.

For women who are into sports, overactive dates could work well. But for the rest, simple dates would be much better. Do not force her into doing something that she is not fond of. You might just annoy or intimidate her. So to be safe, first ask her to a simple date and if everything works out well, then perhaps you could level up.

I know that you are just conscious of impressing her. But taking her to an intense date would only make her think that you are too insecure to take her into these activities rather than simply talking to her. A few ideas that I could share with you:


  • Invite her to a beach date

Beach is really relaxing. You can chill and get away with stress. In the same way, beach is also a perfect place for you to date and talk alone. With a good ambiance and beautiful environment, you would surely be able to have a good time talking with each other. A calm and peaceful setting could add up to the success of your first date.


  • Have a picnic with her

Most of us are fond of eating. This, perhaps, is a way for us to effectively socialise with other people. So on your date, you can try a simple picnic with a girl. You can share a lot of things with her and likewise listen to what she wants to tell you. While eating or having a tea, you can get to know more about her and let her know more about you too.


  • Offer her a drink at some quiet bar

Inviting her to a bar for a drink is not that bad. But make sure that such place is not that loud for you to effectively talk together. A chill lounge may also do. Remember that what matters most in a date is your ability to converse with her in such a manner that she never gets bored. This would be your advantage over other good looking men out there.


  • Invite her to your place and watch a movie. 

Inviting her over your place to watch movie could also be a good idea. After you watch the movie, you can perhaps talk about it or other matters that you think would interest her.

Ask her out when she’s enjoying talking to you

POSTED ON February 28th  - POSTED IN How to Ask a Girl Out

You may have your own way of determining whether it is the right time for you to ask her out. Whatever you may be thinking, there is one rule that I think would work well for you. If you want a “yes” for an answer, then ask her out when she is in a good mood, much more when you see her laughing and enjoying your conversation. That is the most perfect tip that I could give to you.

Make sure that the situation is at your advantage. When you have the chance, grab it and give your best shot. Always think positive about getting her sweet “yes” when you ask her out. I am quite sure that your good vibes would lead you to something extraordinary.

Say for example you are both talking about your common friend or you are talking about the latest on your social circles. As the conversation progresses, you would notice her laughing or even agreeing to everything you have said. This could be the perfect timing for you to ask her out. You could start by saying: “Maybe we could grab some ice cream some time.” I bet she would say: “I’d love that!”

Take advantage of what you have at that moment because once you let it pass, you would most probably still wait for another “high note moment” before you could ask her out. That is why, if I were you, I will not have any second thoughts of asking her right away when I have that perfect moment.

So how would you know exactly that she would say “yes” to you? Here are some indications that you could look for:


  • She is laughing hard at your jokes.

Even if your jokes are too corny and already old school, she still laughs at it. You can see from her that she is really enjoying your company. If there is no dull moment, then most likely, she wants to be with you or that she is just waiting for you to pop out the question.


  • She is already sharing to you something about her.

It would be unlikely for a girl to share her experiences with a guy whom she barely knows. But if during your conversation, she is bit by bit telling you something about her, then you are on the right track. She is comfortable sharing it with you. Thus, there is a great possibility that she would go out with you whenever you ask her.


  • She is staring at you with sparkles in her eyes.

Your intuition may not be as sensitive and strong as that of a woman but you can most probably detect whether she likes you by the way she looks at you. Well, you could not literally see her eyes sparkle. What I am trying to say is that she has been staring at you unusually, which she hasn’t done before.


  • She’s been touchy to you during the conversation.

Observe her body language. If she has been touchy all along the conversation, then she probably likes you. Sometimes, you would notice that she would find ways just to touch you. If this would be the case, immediately ask her out.

Asking Her Out When The Time Is Right

POSTED ON February 19th  - POSTED IN How to Ask a Girl Out

Like they always say, strike it while the iron is hot. One of the common mistakes of some men is waiting for the so-called “right time” to ask a girl out. Why wait for the right time when you can already ask her now?

Women may at first be quite snobbish and grumpy. But when you get to know them better, you can feel that they are just actually waiting for you to talk to them and ask them out. You cannot really understand them not unless you read things between the lines and observe their body language.

When you have the opportunity, grab it like there is no tomorrow. Remember that women do not want to wait forever. They have a lot of options to choose from. If you do not make your move today, you might just lose your very chance. I know you are aware of the so-called competition for women. If you do not stand out and do something, you will certainly not get what you actually want.

I would like to share with you certain thoughts regarding this matter. If you notice, nothing lasts forever, and so as her attraction towards you. One day you would just wonder why she does not reply to your messages or even answer your calls. Perhaps, she is no longer interested in you or maybe there is already someone else who’s taking her to a date. Too bad, you have already lost your chance.

However, if you do it right now while everything is still “hot”, I think this could most probably happen to you:


  • You would be able to get an answer right this instance.

The best thing about asking her out right now is that you would no longer be thinking and wondering whether she would go out with you. You can get an instant answer the soonest time possible after you ask her. There will be lesser time for you to get nervous because you already end it by the moment you ask her.


  • Your chance of getting a “yes” is at its peak.

If you do it now, there is a great possibility that you would certainly get a “yes” for an answer. Since she is into you and you are to her, then surely, she will agree to go out with you on a date.

However, do not remain complacent. You still have to be mindful that you have to be at your best. When you give your best, then there is no room for impossible.


  • You could have more time to spend with her than just thinking about her.

Remember that when you ask her now and she says “yes” for an answer, then you would be spending the rest of the days with her. Instead of just thinking about her and wondering when you could get together, ask her now. You will not lose anything anyway.


  • This would give you an experience to talk with girls much easier.

When you have done it today, then you would most probably be able to do it the next time around. This would build up your confidence. Hence, you get the chance to meet more people with your new self.

Preparing Yourself For Rejection After Asking Her Out

POSTED ON January 15th  - POSTED IN How to Ask a Girl Out

A story will never end up with a happy ending always. Sometimes you get a tragic ending. It may be quite disappointing but you have no choice but to accept it. The key here is to prepare for the worse so that you won’t get much disappointment in the end. That is the same thing when you as a girl out. You can never expect her to say “yes” all the time. At some point in time, she would say “no”, which would eventually break your heart.

If a girl rejects your invitation, do not make a big deal out of it. Face it and think about it.  What could have gone wrong? If you would be able to figure it out, consider that as a tip that would remind you on your next date.

Going back on how to handle rejection, I know it may not be easy for you, most especially that you have an “ego” to take care of. But remember that being rejected would not make you less of a man. It happens all the time to any man. So why think lowly of yourself? Keep in mind that it is her loss, not yours. Try to think about it in a more positive way. Make yourself feel better because you certainly deserve it.

The key here is not to expect too much from the girl. If she says “yes”, then good for you. But if she says “no”, then do not feel bad. Consider it as an experience and a lesson that you should remember. But do not be hard on it because you might just be wasting your time and emotion for nothing.

Here is what I want you to understand. Being rejected is not the end of your life as a man. In fact, it is just the beginning of it. Why? Here’s why:


  • You would realise that she is really not for you.

Consider this as a good opportunity in disguise. Due to her rejection, you would be able to realise earlier that you are really not meant for each other. Hence, you would no longer invest more of your time in wooing her. You can get out of your fantasies. Instead, focus yourself on something worthy.


  • You know what to do next time.

Since you have figured out what went wrong, you would certainly be able to fix it the next time around. You know exactly what to do when you try to ask another girl for a date. Of course, I am quite sure that you would never do the same mistake again.

You could at least be more creative this time and not to do things that you know would turn off a woman. You are a brand new man now. This rejection makes you much stronger and firmer.


  • You would be able to meet a lot more.

She is not the only girl in town. There are still a lot more. You can meet better women whom you could get along with. Enjoy the moment and make the most out of that situation positively.

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