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How to initiate a conversation with your crush

POSTED ON January 23rd  - POSTED IN How To Flirt

When you flirt, you do not just wink at the girl or wave a hand at her. In order to really make your flirting tactics effective with her, you have to initiate a conversation with her, introduce yourself and get to know more about her. Sounds easy, right?

I know it could be quite difficult at first. But once you have mastered the basics, I am pretty sure that you would be able to do it like you have never exerted much effort. It will definitely come out naturally. To help you in your dilemma, here are some tips that I can share with you for a more “effective” flirting with your crush.


  • Ask her a good starter question.

In this phase, you can try to make an observation on the environment or the people around you and formulate a question out of it like: “What a wonderful day, isn’t it?” or “Too crowded in this place, eh?” Actually, it does not matter what your topic would be. As long as you were able to start a conversation with her, then you are certainly effective with your tactics.

Remember that you are only inviting her to talk to you in this instance. However, when she responds positively, then perhaps you better think of a good topic already or else you will lose her just like that.


  • Talk about something you both know.

If you happen to go to the same class or you both have encountered a certain incident lately, this could be a good starter for you to initiate your conversation with her. You can start by saying:  “That incident is terrible. Have you seen how the car bumped to the wall? Somebody must have been hurt by the incident.” If she responded to you well, then grab this opportunity to really get closer to her and gain her trust. Remember that the more time that both of you talk together, the more you get at ease with each other as well.


  • Do not talk about something personal.

Never talk about your past relationships, religions, political views and the like not unless if she is open to that. But as a general rule, never talk about personal matters.


  • Observe the way she responds to you.

The critical part in flirting is the time when the girl reacts to your moves. If she responds positively, then good for you. But if not, then you better gracefully back out before things could get worse.

You would know that a girl would not mind talking to you if you see her smile back at you or answers to your questions even if the answer is already obvious. She might just even touch you in one way or another and perhaps keep on laughing at your boring and corny jokes.

However, if a girl does not like you, expect that she will never even take a glance at you, or if ever she glances back at you, she would just raise an eyebrow. Be sensitive in this matter. If you think she is annoyed and intimated by your presence, then just get out from the scene charmingly.

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