Cheating Is Women’s Greatest Enemy

POSTED ON May 15th  - POSTED IN How To Attract Women

If you want to attract women, make sure you have first gained their trust. The question is how are you going to obtain their trust if you have only met them twice or thrice? The answer to this is simple. You just have to give them an assurance that you will never cheat.

Cheating is deceiving. Women really hate men who deceive them into believing that they are the only woman they have been dating. At least, if you really want to date as many as you would want, make it clear to her that what you are up to is just getting to know more about her and not really for a relationship.

Once you lose her trust, you would definitely have a hard time gaining it back. Worst, she might never come back to you. That is why, as much as possible, when you have her, set your eyes only at her and never try to cheat. If you do, you will only regret it in the long run.

Even if she is boring, do not make that as an excuse to cheat on her. Instead, tell it to her in a nice way that will not hurt her feelings. Do not leave her in the dumps wondering what went wrong and what is lacking with her. If you are really a man, you would never let a girl feel that way.

Few things I want to share with you when it comes to cheating that women really hate. If you would do this in front of her, your reputation as a man would be at stake:


  • Getting drunk and having sex with other woman while you are exclusively dating.

It is okay to drink but make sure you do not get drunk. The worst thing that could happen is that you would end up sleeping with another girl whom you have just known for a few hours. Women do not want men who do these things as an ordinary regimen every time they drink. Chances are, they will never date with you again or that they will keep distant from you the moment you approach them. Being branded as such, you will definitely expect that fine women would never have second thoughts of not going out with you.


  • Talking and flirting with other girls.

Men are simply “friendly” by nature most especially when it comes to beautiful women. I know you really cannot resist talking to a girl who just happened to pass by if you find her truly attractive. Well, it is okay if you only speak to her formally. But if you try to flirt with her, then that is another story. Women who would be seeing you do that will never give you a chance if ever you do the same thing to them. Remember that women are very much sensitive. If they find you really flirtatious with plenty of girls, then you are banned from the club.


  • Caught with another girl and pretending not knowing the other girl.

Men tend to see nothing if they are caught red handed. It is as if they did not do anything. So, you better watch out because there are plenty of eyes looking at you.

Co-Relation of Your Lifestyle with Picking up A Date

POSTED ON May 12th  - POSTED IN How to Pick Up a Girl

Notice that hot men date hot chicks or that rich people date women of the same level with theirs. However, this does not mean that you should be rich in order to date a rich lady or that you should be a hunk to date a babe. What I am trying to say is that if you want to date someone with the qualities you are looking for in a woman, then you better make sure that you have changed your lifestyle. This is because your way of living determines the very quality of women who will be attracted to you.

So what constitutes your lifestyle? It includes your interests, hobbies, your style and fashion, your social circles, your career and most especially how good looking you are. If you haven’t shaved for a while, do you think you would be able to have a good catch? Well, the chances are very low.

There is always what we called “first impression lasts”. This is very true for women who are also looking for men that they could date. Any woman would want a “knight in shining armour” in their lives. However, for whatever its worth, it would usually begin with the looks of the man.

If I were you, I would definitely change myself for the better. Although I am not telling you to pretend to be someone you are not. What I am trying to point out is that you could at least be at your best in order for you to get the attention of the woman you are trying to win. So how are you going to do that? Here are some ways that I could share with you to get the woman of your dreams:


  • Get yourself a fresh new look.

Gone are the days that long hair rocks. Set yourself into the fad. Although this does not mean that you should turn yourself into some wanna-be. Just get yourself a new look. If you are bored with your style, you can try to change it and experiment which style would suit you. You would just be surprised that by the moment you changed your looks, you have also gained more confidence.


  • Be a good career man.

Women want security from men. If you showed yourself as somewhat irresponsible with no sense of direction in life, do you think a woman would want to go out with you?

You can focus on your career and be successful while enjoying the life.  You could date as much as you want as long as you do not get too attached.


  • Do not go with a group who would only lure you into bad vices.

It is okay to hang out some time with your friends and have a drink. But doing it frequently is already not good. Do not give a girl an impression that you are not mature enough to say no to these vices. Be responsible at all times.


  • Engage yourself with healthy activities.

Try going out to the gym or joining different sports. This would not only shape your physical attributes but it would also give you a much healthier way of living.

“Have we met before?”

POSTED ON May 9th  - POSTED IN Things You Should Never Say To Women

I think this is the most passé starter that a man would say to a woman during their first meeting. This line has not work for decades already. That is why if you try to use this line to a girl you just met, not unless you are some handsome celebrity, you will definitely get rejected and receive a “no” for an answer.

If you simply want to talk to a girl, approach her and be creative enough on your first liners. Make sure that it will not be something like “Don’t I know you from somewhere” or “I really thought I met you”. Be a man and do not hide from something that you have only fabricated for the sake of knowing the girl. Instead of getting her attention, you would only push her away. Why? Let me share with you what a woman thinks if you say these words:


  • You are too creepy.

By saying these words, you are only intimidating her into talking to you. She might be thinking that you are only up to something and that you are some swindler or a psycho killer who’s looking for his next victim. Girls do have a wild imagination. You might just be surprised that a police officer would approach you for a complaint.

Even before you get to know her better, you are judged for something you have said. If you do not want this to happen, then you better have to think of another way to start talking to her and not just some old fashioned passé starter such as this one.


  • You are just too scared to be rejected.

Since you are giving her an idea that you are only presuming that you have met her somewhere else, it would somehow imply that you are just taking your chances. You are not really sure about this. You just want her to assume that you have met her before so that she will not hesitate to talk to you.

This is the most coward thing to do in front of a girl. If you are trying to conceal it, then you are not the man enough for the lady you are trying to win.


  • You are just playing around.

Sometimes, when you use this as your starter with the girl you just met by the road, you would be branded as somewhat a guy who’s only playing around. You would appear like you are looking for some easy girl that you could talk to, perhaps sleep with during the night. Do not give her an impression that you are only talking to her because you want something in return.


  • You are just a wanna-be.

This is a line that is most commonly used by “losers”. Well, if you want to be like them, then you have the freedom to use it. Just make sure that you have prepared yourself to be rejected because that’s where most people who are using this line end up with.


  • You have never tried talking to a woman real-time.

If you have been using this all this time, then you have probably not talked to women real-time. Why? Simply because you do not know the basics in talking to girls.

Ask Her Out According To Her Availability

POSTED ON May 5th  - POSTED IN How to Ask a Girl Out

Sometimes, men ask out women only at a time that suits them well without even thinking whether the lady is available at that very time. So the tendency for this case is that you would definitely receive a “no” as an answer. Thus, if you want to have a “yes”, then let the girl tell you when would be the perfect time that works best for her.

Like they always say, it takes two to tango. That is the same thing when it comes to dating. You would never be able to get her confirmation if you propose a date at a time in which she is not available. Technically, how would she be able to go out with you if she already had prior appointments? So if you are asking her out, let her decide what time suits her best. In this way, you would surely not receive a “no” for an answer.

So how would such conversation go? Try to check this sample conversation. Although I am not really telling you to exactly do it, I would just like you to give you an idea of how conversation could go without intimidating the girl.


Boy: How about we grab some coffee or drinks sometime this week?

Girl: Yeah sure. I’m okay with that.

Boy: When is it good for you?

Girl: My schedule’s actually full most of the week but I can make it on a Saturday night or maybe Sunday morning.

Boy: Saturday night would be perfect. Let’s say 8 o’clock maybe?

Girl: 8 o’clock would be fine.   

Boy: Great. Perhaps we could also grab some food. Are you okay with that?

Girl: I’d love that. See you on Saturday then.

Boy: Perfect. See you on Sunday!


You can actually change the conversation a bit. But just make sure that when you ask her out, you would be able to deliver the lines spontaneously. It is okay to prepare your lines. Just don’t blurt it out like you’ve been memorising it all along.

If you were able to get her availability, surely you could go out more often. Put your best foot forward. Let her feel that she is the only one that you cared for and that you are available anytime for her. When you ask her out at a time that works for her, you would certainly experience the following advantages:


  • A quick “yes”

A woman could rarely say “no” if she is available whenever you make an offer. You can get an instant confirmation without you worrying when would be the next time that you would be able to take her out.


  • More dates in the future

When you already know her availability, it would be easier for you to ask for a 2nd date or so. Since she already trusts you, then you would certainly let her agree to your invitation.


  • Know her better

With the dates that you have been into with her, surely you get to know her better. Hence, a good advantage on your part to do your move.


  • You became one of her priorities

Since you have fit into her schedule, then most likely she would never replace it with some other appointments.

Making A Decent Invitation

POSTED ON April 28th  - POSTED IN How To Meet Women

When you meet women, do not think right away of sleeping with her. If you really want to date a fine woman, then better discipline yourself. You are actually meeting her for the first time. So make that first time really worthwhile.

Introduce yourself properly. Ask for her name courteously and try to open a small conversation with her. If the conversation went well, then you can now ask her to go out with you sometime, maybe on a weekend. But make sure that when you ask her out, it must be a time that works best for her. If not, you can always expect a “no” for an answer.

So when you are making an invitation or offer to go out with her, see to it that you already have a plan. That means you already have an idea of how it will go and where would you take her. To help you, I have made a list of the things that you have to consider in picking up a good first date for you:


  • Never invite someone you have just met into your home.

This is only good if you have already met her twice, thrice or many times. But if it is still your first time to date, then inviting her to your home is a bit creepy. Some women are open-minded and would never mind if you do. But most of them are very conscious and meticulous about it. When they receive such kind of invitation, they would surely think twice.

Needless to say, a home is a private place. If you invite her to your private place, she would think something odd and fishy about your invitation. Worse, she would think that you are only after sleeping with her.


  • Do not consider a super private area as the venue for your first date.

Just like in some horror movies, when you invite her into some old cabin in the woods or abandoned warehouses, she would immediately think that you are up to something. This might just scare her and would give you a negative impression that you are thinking weird, which is very creepy. If this would be the case, there will be a great possibility that she will say “no” to your invitation. Hence, you lose your chance. But if she’s a bit creepy too, so to speak, then you would both probably get well together.


  • Invite her to a public place with lots of people.

So instead of some private areas, invite her to a more public place wherein you can see a lot of sceneries as well as people. This would give her complacency that nothing untoward will happen during your date. If your first date would turn out good, then definitely there would be a second, third and more.


  • Do not make your first date too intimate.

Making your first date too intimate might just intimidate her. Make your first date simple and cool. Girls may love it when it is quite romantic but making it intimate might just scare her away.

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