How to Meet Eligible Women Online

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There are many ways for you to meet women. Since women are everywhere, the only challenge for you is to introduce yourself to them in such a manner that will not drive them away. One way in which you can find an eligible woman is through going online. I bet you already have thought of that. But mind you, meeting women online is not as easy as you may think it is. That is why here are some tips that I can share with you if you want to find and meet available women online:


  • Look for a good dating site.

There are just some good dating sites wherein you can really meet real people having the same disposition as you do. Beware of those sites that are quite suspicious because you might just end up divulging your personal information to the wrong person. Be cautious enough to know all of these.

When you found the right one, you may either find someone according to their interests or you may wait for them to find you. The thing is, you get to enjoy meeting different types of people whom you could have great company with in the future.


  • Create a good profile.

When you post a photo of yourself in your profile, make sure you really look good. That means you had your hair cut, shaved, and dressed up appropriately. Remember that if you really want to meet good women, you also have to show yourself to be one. Naked pictures are not so good, trust me.


  • Do not lie about yourself.

One rule that you should remember in completing your profile is that never lie. Do not put facts that are entirely different from your personality. Women would surely be able to detect that in the long run.


  • Do not put too much information.

Being honest in your profile does not mean to disclose everything personal about you. You could be at risk for identity theft. Only put matters that are quite general for anyone to understand about your personality.


  • Reply promptly.

When you receive messages from people in that site, reply immediately. Why let them wait? It would only give them an impression of you being lazy and uninterested.


  • Open a good and intelligent conversation.

What turns on a woman is a man’s ability to open up a good conversation. You do not have to talk about issues, political views or any related matters. You just have to strike a good conversation that both of you could relate.


  • Do not get too serious.

When you are in a dating site, do not assume that you would immediately find the right woman whom you are going to share the rest of your life with. Just take it easy. Use this as an opportunity for you to meet a lot of people.


  • Do not rush things.

Never think that when you get her interest, you both could go out immediately on a date. Do not rush it. You might just be intimidating her. Give her some time. You’ll just feel that it is the right time to ask her out when she’s already talking about doing exciting activities on weekends.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words

POSTED ON October 10th  - POSTED IN How To Flirt

You can do almost anything when you flirt. While at most you can talk, talk and talk, there are also some instances that you can just use some body language to communicate your intentions for a girl. They always say that your actions can say more than a thousand words of what you actually feel. But how does it actually happen when you flirt? Let me help you. You can try the following:


  • Never cross your arms or legs.

If you do not want to send a wrong message to the one you are talking to, avoid crossing your arms or legs. Be at an open stance. With this, you are somewhat telling her that you are open to talk about anything you would want to know her better.

If you are crossing your arms or legs, you would look like you are isolating yourself from the rest and you are not ready to talk to anyone. Although you really do not look grumpy with this stance but it would somehow give her an impression that you are not actually interested in talking to her.

Remember to avoid, as much as possible, doing something that would only intimidate the woman. Make her feel welcome with your gestures instead of making her feel aloof.


  • Face the person you are flirting.

To give her a more welcoming look, position yourself in such a manner that would let her think that you are really into her. Face her by making sure that your whole body is actually facing hers. For instance, make your torso face her and not just in some side angle. Likewise, you can also point your feet at an angle directly pointing to her. This is not some psycho technics that you can get from the pros. This is just a matter of perspective based on surveys and research.


  • Initiate a physical contact.

You can break the touch barrier by doing a little “touch move” on the girl. Like for instance, you are talking about something, you can tap her a bit in her shoulders. You might as well consider an “accident move” leading you to brush your skin a bit with hers while walking. This could somehow give you confidence in really pursuing her. In the same way, this could also be the part when the girl could show that she is also into you by not staying away from you.


  • Do not get too touchy.

While the previous tip requires you to do a little touching, this one prohibits you to overdo it. Sometimes, you get too carried away to a point that you would end up taking her hand and hold it really tight. If the girl does not mind, then go ahead. But most of the time, it could still be early for you to do it. Hence, avoid being too touchy. Set your limitations. If you initiate and she rejects it, then do not try insisting it with her.


  • Share a manly smile.

The best part that could make a woman head over heels with you is your cute and manly smile. By this I mean to just smile a bit and not really grin.

Tips on Effectively Asking A Girl Out

POSTED ON September 14th  - POSTED IN How to Ask a Girl Out

I am very much sure that you have a lot of things in mind when it comes to asking a girl out. You can hear different ways in obtaining a girl’s “yes” from different persons with varying perspectives. However, the best method that you could have should be coming from a woman’s perspective. Hence, here are some tips that I could share with you for a more effective way in asking a girl out:

TIP # 1: Assess her interest in you
If you see her enjoying your company and that she is laughing at your jokes, then you are at the track. A girl would always be true to her actions most especially if she does not like you. When you see her annoyed with everything about you, then this is not a good sign for you to ask her out. This might not be the right time for you. You just have to be sensitive enough to know whether the girl is really interested going out with you.

TIP # 2: Observe how she frequently touches you
If you notice that she touches you more often than the usual or that she is trying to find an excuse to do so, then she is most probably interested with you. However, this is not a go signal for you to do the same. As a rule, never intimidate her.
Sometimes, it does not mean that when she is not touching you, she does not like you as well. She might just be another girl who responds the other way. So just be spontaneous and natural and you will see how things will work out for you.

TIP # 3: See the way she looks at you
Try to observe how she looks at you. If you see her staring at you and quickly pulls away, she might just be nervous but still likes you. There are also some instances wherein she would stare at you for a long time. This could be quite obvious but still, do not be complacent about this. Just keep things cool and suave.
However, when you see her looking at you in a mean way, this could be another story. Either she is annoyed with you or that you are not just her type. Be as gentleman as you could be and do not let her feel intimidated.

TIP # 4: Ask her number
Do not jump into asking her immediately into going out with you. You could at least ask for her number first in a more polite way. Also, do not make it too obvious that you are really interested with her and that you would die going out with her. Leave something for yourself.
When you got her number, call her within a day or two. Leave her wanting more. Let her wonder, even just for a while, when you would call or when you would ask her out. Sometimes they say that reverse psychology works most for women.

Your goal is to go out with her. But never let it appear that you are only talking to her because you want to go out with her. The tip is to make it appear as if it is destiny.

Do Not Think Less Of Yourself When You Pick Up A Girl

POSTED ON September 12th  - POSTED IN How to Pick Up a Girl
One of the most common mistakes of men in asking a girl out is that they become so nervous that they end up messing everything. Remember that you cannot expect good results if you, yourself, are not confident enough to face her and ask her out. Hence, do not chicken out. Instead, be a man.

The way I see it, men become nervous because they think so highly about the girl. They are thinking that she is too good to accept their invitation. Well, I tell you, if you think the same way, then you are definitely doomed. You will never get to ask her out, ever.

If you really want her, then be confident enough to ask her out. Never think that she is above you or that she is some goddess that you cannot talk to. Always put in your mind that both of you are equal. You may have slight differences when it comes to your interests. But nevertheless, you two are the same. So why be shy and get nervous?

One rule that you should remember is that when you show the girl that you are inferior because of your insecurities and nervousness, then you will definitely be treated as such. Based on my research and what my other friends told me, here are some instances that would usually happen if your nervousness is too obvious for the girl to notice:

  • She would disregard you.

If from the start you have already showed insecurities by the way you ask her out, there will be a great possibility that she will disregard you. You will definitely get a “no” for an answer.

Women are kind-hearted. You will never hear from her rude things about you, even if at the back of her mind she wants to get you out of her sight. They will just smile indifferently and give you a lame excuse why they could not go out with you.

  • She would not answer your calls or reply to your messages.

If ever you are successful in getting her number, you would probably wonder why she would not answer your call or reply to your messages. Well, this is the consequence of appearing too nervous during your initial talk. She might not be that straightforward to tell you but she is already really annoyed with you. That is why when you talk with her, do it casually. I am sure she would never reject your calls.

  • She would never want to date with you again.

If during the first date you messed up just because of your nervousness, then you could expect that there will never be a second date anymore. Even if you ask her out again and again, she will just avoid you and give you some excuses why she cannot go out with you. She seems do not want the same thing to happen again.

  • She might share this with her friends.

The worst thing about this is that she might share this instance to her friends. It cannot be denied that girls do really share everything to her friends, and that includes your blooper.

Your Simple Guide to a Memorable Date

POSTED ON September 8th  - POSTED IN What to talk About
Every date will always be a first time. This is because every date should be different from each other. Either you would do certain gimmicks or make it truly magical just to make it truly exceptional. However, no matter what type of surprises you intend to have on your date, you have to understand that the real score in making a date a memorable one is through a good conversation.

You sure do not want to end up with a boring date. In order for you to have a positive one, talk about something fascinating that could stimulate the interest of your date. As a rule of thumb, you should remain to be natural and confident in dealing with your date. Do not let them feel you are nervous or that you are uneasy. Enjoy the moment and make it a date that your partner would always remember. To help you, here is a simple guide that you can consider whenever you are on a date:

  • Talk about something that you are passionate about

Of course, you can always start of your conversation with a topic that you know well, and that is all about you. You can talk about a lot of things including your interests and what you are currently up to. Share things that you think would make your date share also his or her interests as well.
However, while sharing things that you are passionate about, you have to also take note whether your partner is interested in hearing all these things. You can assess this through the responses, gestures and other similar indications. In the same way, do not appear so arrogant in sharing all these things because you might just end up losing a good conversation with your date. Remember, first impression lasts.

  • Share about your interest on some domestic chores

If you are good in cooking, you can share this with your date. You can actually talk about a lot of things even with just cooking as a topic. This could give your partner an idea that you are indeed an interesting person to be with. You can even share some tips or trivia. Your date will always be happy to learn a lot of things from you most especially if he or she knows that you are indeed knowledgeable about this matter. Spice up things and give your date an impression that-that date is not just any ordinary date that he or she could have.

  • Family matters and values can also impress your date

One thing that could impress your date is your values. You can also share a bit of your family. From this, you could give your date a small hint of what you are really like as a person. This might even give your date a good impression. You just have to be honest and be spontaneous.

  • Discuss about your outdoor activities and other plans

The best part in your conversation is where you could share and discuss your outdoor activities and interests. You might be sharing the same interests and from this you would get along well. You can even invite your date if ever he or she is interested in some of the activities that you are planning to have, maybe this weekend.

  • Funny stories work all the time

They always say that you can get the heart of someone if you have a good sense of humour. Remember that funny stories or conversation really works all the time. You can never go wrong in using this all-time favourite tactic. But remember, do not overdo it. Just make it as natural as it could be.

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