Doing The Reverse Psychology On Women

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They always say that giving everything you have is no longer healthy. This holds true most especially if the recipient is somewhat a usurper. You will definitely lose everything that you have without even getting something that you deserve.

When it comes to women, it is also not good for you to give everything that you have. That means you show too much care or passion even if it is still your first time to date. Well, it is really okay to show you care but never show that you are too obsessed caring for her that you would give everything just to make her happy. That sounds unfair on your part most especially that you are not 100% sure that she will, in turn, like you the same way that you do. So remember the rule, do not make things like your world only revolves around her. Reserve something for yourself and make her want you more.

As the saying goes, less is more. So when you are less into her, the more likely she will be into you. I can somehow relate it as a reverse psychology to women. First you show them you are interested in them and then leave the rest up to them. Make them feel that you are a good catch and that they cannot simply resist you. You have to play the game wisely because you might just end up losing her totally. Just a bit of this and that would do as long as you are effective in letting her want you more.

This could be quite a difficult tip that I could share with you because the whole move is really up to you. If you play nicely, then you got it. If you do not, then you would definitely fail. So here are some tips that I would like to share to you to help you make this more exciting.


  • Do not be around for her all the time.

One of the common mistakes of suitors is that they let the woman feel that they are around her all the time. Wherever she goes, they will definitely be there to do anything that she needs. While this could help in letting her feel how serious you are with her, there is still a downfall to this because the girl might just get annoyed with you in the long run and dump you just like that.

So the key here is that do not be present at all times in her sight. Let her look for you or wonder why you haven’t called. When handled appropriately, she will certainly say “yes” to you in no time.


  • Let her do most of the talking.

In a conversation, it is okay to do the starters. But make sure that she will be the one to do most of the talking. Let her share anything she wants and let her be the one to ask questions about you.


  • Just play it cool.

When you get rejected, play it like you are never affected. She might just change her mind after that. Remember that the more you show you are into her, the lesser she feels that she’s into you.

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