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“Are you having your period?”

POSTED ON June 30th  - POSTED IN Things You Should Never Say To Women

This question could be the most insulting statement that you would ever say to a woman. If ever you are thinking of saying this to a girl, try to ask yourself first. Why are you saying this? What do you wish to imply? If you are not a girl, you would never feel how hurting it is to hear such things from a man.

True, women are most sensitive during their menstrual cycle. Well, actually, women are always sensitive. It is just that they are more susceptible to mood swings if they are within the aforementioned period. So if ever you experience arguing with a girl, never say these words to her. She might just flare up even more. Worst, you would lose her for being so insensitive about this matter. While this may sound too normal to guys, girls do make a big deal out of it. Let me tell you why.


  • You are implying that she is just being too melodramatic.

In telling these words, you are just simply telling her that is only over reacting on certain things and that her actions do not really commensurate the issue at hand. It is as if you are choking her and preventing her from totally expressing her thoughts and feelings. I know, I know. It may be an exaggeration but it holds true, from a woman’s perspective. Bringing up this issue with her will not help you settle the matter with her. You are only making it worse. Trust me.


  • You let her feel that her reactions really annoy you.

Perhaps, there are some points in time that you really get annoyed with a girl’s reactions to certain matters. Even if that would be the case, as much as possible, do not let her feel that she is already annoying you. Let her notice it in a different way without hurting her feelings. I know she would really appreciate it in the end if you would do it as a matter of favour.


  • You are simply mocking her.

Telling her that she must have been getting her period just because she reacted that way is a great insult to her. It is as if you are really mocking her “womanhood” just like that. I am quite sure that she will never accept it and that she will flare up to let you feel that she is not amenable to what you have just said. Hence, it will only keep the argument longer and more intense. Just be sensitive. What would you feel if she uses your weakness whenever you have arguments? Would it be quite unfair?


  • You really do not care how she feels.

If you try to insert this statement on your argument with her, she would take it as if you really do not care about how she feels. She would even feel more pitiful and sorry for herself and will never forgive you for telling it to her. Surely, she will never forget it even if time has already passed.

Telling her that she is SO SEXY

POSTED ON May 26th  - POSTED IN Things You Should Never Say To Women

Put yourself in the shoes of a lady. What would you feel if you are being told that you are too sexy even if it is still the first time that you have met? Does it sound too creepy? True, it is indeed a compliment. However, it is a compliment that is somewhat worded incorrectly. Instead of receiving a “thanks” and a smile”, you would most probably see an eyebrow raised.

Women really wanted to be appreciated. That is a fact that can never be rebutted. However, if said the wrong way, women would feel intimidated instead of being thankful. They would feel as if they are harassed by the very words uttered, not unless if she is some sort of an FHM model.

When you appreciate a woman, choose the right words. Think of it twice or thrice before completely saying it. If you have said the wrong words, then you might have just lost your chance of getting to know more about her better. So to help you, here are some tips that I can share with you when it comes to effectively choosing the right words:


  • Instead of saying “You are so sexy”, say “You look great”.

A girl would really think that you are creepy if you tell her that she is so sexy. I am quite sure that she is thinking that you might be up to something or that you see her as some sex object only and not a woman.

So instead of saying these words to her, you can say it in a nicer way like “You look great”. Although it does not really literally translate into something that you intended to say, at least you were able to say it cool without actually intimidating her.


  • Instead of saying “I like your outfit”, say “The dress looks good on you”.

No real man would ever tell a woman that he likes her outfit. Not unless you are some fashion guy who knows the fad, you would somehow give the girl an impression that you are just kidding around or that you are actually gay.

If you want to appreciate the way she dresses on your date, you can say “You look beautiful with your dress” or that “The dress looks good on you”. In this way, you would be able to send her the right message without offending her or giving her some second thoughts of believing you.


  • Instead of saying “You turn me on”, say “I like you”.

Saying her that she turns you on is like saying that she has been successful in seducing or attracting you. Well, who are you to tell that to her? She might just get the wrong idea. Even if your intention is just to compliment her, you would only make her intimidated. Perhaps she would want you to get out of her sight.


  • Instead of saying “You are so attractive”, say “You are beautiful”.

Both statements may sound similar but the latter is much better to hear than the former. The former sounds too arrogant while the latter sounds a bit formal but sweet. If you want to compliment her, just remember the very rules. CHOOSE THE RIGHT WORDS.

“Have we met before?”

POSTED ON May 9th  - POSTED IN Things You Should Never Say To Women

I think this is the most passé starter that a man would say to a woman during their first meeting. This line has not work for decades already. That is why if you try to use this line to a girl you just met, not unless you are some handsome celebrity, you will definitely get rejected and receive a “no” for an answer.

If you simply want to talk to a girl, approach her and be creative enough on your first liners. Make sure that it will not be something like “Don’t I know you from somewhere” or “I really thought I met you”. Be a man and do not hide from something that you have only fabricated for the sake of knowing the girl. Instead of getting her attention, you would only push her away. Why? Let me share with you what a woman thinks if you say these words:


  • You are too creepy.

By saying these words, you are only intimidating her into talking to you. She might be thinking that you are only up to something and that you are some swindler or a psycho killer who’s looking for his next victim. Girls do have a wild imagination. You might just be surprised that a police officer would approach you for a complaint.

Even before you get to know her better, you are judged for something you have said. If you do not want this to happen, then you better have to think of another way to start talking to her and not just some old fashioned passé starter such as this one.


  • You are just too scared to be rejected.

Since you are giving her an idea that you are only presuming that you have met her somewhere else, it would somehow imply that you are just taking your chances. You are not really sure about this. You just want her to assume that you have met her before so that she will not hesitate to talk to you.

This is the most coward thing to do in front of a girl. If you are trying to conceal it, then you are not the man enough for the lady you are trying to win.


  • You are just playing around.

Sometimes, when you use this as your starter with the girl you just met by the road, you would be branded as somewhat a guy who’s only playing around. You would appear like you are looking for some easy girl that you could talk to, perhaps sleep with during the night. Do not give her an impression that you are only talking to her because you want something in return.


  • You are just a wanna-be.

This is a line that is most commonly used by “losers”. Well, if you want to be like them, then you have the freedom to use it. Just make sure that you have prepared yourself to be rejected because that’s where most people who are using this line end up with.


  • You have never tried talking to a woman real-time.

If you have been using this all this time, then you have probably not talked to women real-time. Why? Simply because you do not know the basics in talking to girls.

Telling Her How Narcissistic She Is

POSTED ON April 7th  - POSTED IN Things You Should Never Say To Women

We may hate to admit it but in one way or another, we are too in love with ourselves that we could spend hours in front of the mirror. Both men and women are like this. It is a fact that most of us could never get away with.

Women are fond of looking into the mirror while doing different facial expressions, putting makeups and a lot more. They simply cannot go out of their house without even glancing at the mirror to see how they actually look like in terms of their dress, makeup, hair and the like. If they find no mirror, some of them would surely panic.

Guys are also narcissistic just like women. The only difference is that you would not really spend hours, just a bit lesser than that of the girls. Well, whatever the reason would be, we only look at the mirror to find out whether we look attractive in front of many people most especially our crush.

However, while it is okay for you guys to tease on each other about this matter, girls on the other hand are very sensitive to it. If they hear you say something like: “Why do you always have to look into the mirror?” or “Is it really necessary for you to take a lot of pictures of yourself?” Surely, the girls would really be offended. They must be thinking: “Who are you to tell us what to do and not to do?” To help you understand more, let me share with you the very reasons why they hate it when you tell them that very statement:


  • They get embarrassed if you notice her doing it.

Women do get embarrassed, most especially if they are caught by someone doing something really very personal. Of course, women do not want to show men that they are conscious about how they look. This is because they are thinking that you might get the wrong message.

If you let her know about this, she will probably hate you. She does not want you to have an impression that she is doing it to please you. After hating you, she, then, hates herself for not being to careful.


  • They are not comfortable being seen by men doing such.

Looking into the mirror is something private, most especially for girls. That is why if they are seen by men and their attention is being caught, girls would most probably wish that they would disappear in front you. She wants to get out of the situation fast.


  • They are conscious of what you might think about them.

The hardest part about this is that girls are very conscious about what you, guys, would think about her. You may say its paranoia but it is true. While you guys want to be at your best when approaching her, girls, in the same way, would also do anything just to make themselves really pleasing in front of guys. If they get caught, they would certainly get conscious about it.

Asking Her About Her Spending

POSTED ON February 24th  - POSTED IN Things You Should Never Say To Women

Let us face it. Girls are really materialistic. It is somewhat their avenue to release their stress and depression over certain things. They will shop here and there just to forget about their problems at work or even at home. That is why you can never blame them if you see them spending so much over some material things. The more they spend, the more they would be able to forget.

Most men do not find the relevance between shopping and relieving from stress because technically, men are men. You certainly have different ways to relieve yourself from stress. But for girls, this is the only way, that is to say the most effective one. That is why telling her “I think you have already been spending too much” is really a big no-no. She will definitely flare up and will never talk to you ever again.

I know, I know. You really cannot jive in with women’s language. So the trick here is that to change the very words you are going to say that will not anger her. If you want to remind her, say this in a simpler and more humble manner. I am quite sure that she would be able to understand you. In relation to this scenario, let me share to you some of important matter that you need to consider in order to have a smooth relationship with a girl:


  • Do not push her into doing something she does not want.

Every person wants to be independent. Just like with girls, they do not want you to insist and force them to do something they hate because surely, they will hate you forever. Pushing them to the limits is not advisable. Remember that girls are very sensitive. One wrong move and you are out.

If you are really serious about her, you would extend your patience in understanding her all the time. But of course, do not forget that you also have to establish that you are a man and not just some slave who will always be following after her.


  • Do not think and decide for her.

Women get irritated with men who keep on deciding for her actions. She feels as if she is very constrained and held in a bar like she can no longer do anything. I know men must have the authority. But at least, give her the liberty to choose what she really wants. Perhaps, she would appreciate you more if you respect her decisions rather than contradicting it.


  • Do not tease her like there is no tomorrow.

Teasing her gently is good. But teasing her too much is something that you should really avoid. If you keep on doing this, she would certainly get annoyed and wished that you would be gone. Do not tease about something that is too personal. Doing it otherwise would only make you look bad in front for you. So always keep yourself on guard about this matter before you will regret it.

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