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Choosing The Right Place To Flirt

POSTED ON June 13th  - POSTED IN How To Flirt

There is always the right time and right place to flirt. If you are doing it otherwise, then you can certainly expect that your brilliant moves would fail you. So if you have been eyeing someone whom you wish to talk with, then find the right time and place for you to do your signature “move”.

Flirting could not be done anywhere at any instance. You have to be sensitive about this. If it is not the right place, a funeral for instance, then do not do anything that would only embarrass you later on. Make sure that when you do the move, you will definitely be receiving a positive response. I suggest that when you flirt, take into consideration the following situations:


  • Flirting at the workplace.

This could be a good place for you to meet a lot of people but it does not mean that you can do whatever you want. Since you are in a workplace, consider your rapport and proper behaviour as a professional. So remember that when you decide to flirt in a certain place, you also have to adjust your interaction with the girl. Talk with her in a sense that she does not get annoyed or intimidated by your presence.


  • Flirting inside the library.

If you are inside the library, you are expected to be quiet because you might just be disturbing other people who are reading seriously. But if you have found someone that you are really interested with, the silence of the library would never be a hindrance. As long as you know how to deal with it appropriately, then certainly you would be able to get to her even ta the library.

You can try sitting next to her, ask her some simple questions or any other moves you can think. However, be mindful of your acts because while you consider this as your chance, she would treat this as the last time she will ever talk to you.


  • Flirting at the bar.

Bars and other similar places are very loud places. These places may not be conducive for you to talk well. However, you can also do other alternative like offering her a drink or inviting her to a dance. You might as well ask for her number. In this way, you would be able to talk with her alone.

You can meet a lot of people in these places. So grab the very opportunity that you have. But then again, you always have to be mindful of your acts whether it is appropriate for the place you are in.


  • Flirting while walking her home.

When you happen to see her walk home, consider this as an opportunity for you to talk with her. You can talk about a lot of things while walking her home. You can get to know her better and she could likewise get to know more about you. Show to her that you are a real gentleman. I am quite sure that she will never refuse you if ever you will ask her out.

What To Do In Case Of Bloopers

POSTED ON May 20th  - POSTED IN How To Flirt

“There is no such thing as perfect”, as the saying goes. Indeed, no one is exempted from committing a mistake. Even experts in their fields can fail in one way or another. That is the same thing with flirting. You can never expect that it would always go along well all the time. From time to time, you would be able to experience a few bloopers that would only make you laugh at yourself when thinking about it.

I have actually encountered a similar incident with my date. When something came up, we just both end up laughing at each other. As for you, do not take it too seriously when you experience it. Remember that we are mere humans and are very susceptible to mistakes. So if ever you experience this one of these days, do not fear. The girl might just be able to understand you.

The key here is to be true to yourself no matter what. Just keep the composure and exit the situation gracefully. Who knows, this might be the turning point wherein you would be able to get her attention. So to help you, I have here a few tips that I can share with you just in case you commit mistakes while flirting with a girl:


  • Just laugh at your mistakes.

The best thing that you can do about it is to laugh at your mistakes. Do not take it too seriously because if you do, you will only freak out the girl. So use this as an advantage to make her laugh with you and give her an impression that you are not really that affected. Girls would want men to take this pressure with grace. Admit and accept it. I am quite sure that she will not hate you for it.


  • Act as if nothing happened.

If she did not notice that something happened, then you better act as if nothing really happened. Keep it to yourself. Good thing that you were able to make it as your own secret. Instead of really feeling sorry about what had happened, just get up and go on with your flirting schemes. Anyway, she would not mind anyway if something really happened. Not unless if she is the type of girl who always misjudge people because of their mistakes.


  • You can make a joke out of it.

If you are caught off guard, you can use it to your advantage and make a joke out of it. She might just be laughing at it instead of really condemning you for that certain incident. Girls do understand. Just let them know the real thing and you do not need to do a lot of explaining later on. Just keep smiling and make her smile as well.


  • Exit gracefully.

When you are about to leave and then something happened, do not panic. This is not the end of your “flirting career”.  Just learn how to exit gracefully without letting her feel that you are really embarrassed and ashamed of what had happened. Grace under pressure, like they always say. Learn it and you will definitely get out of the situation fast.

How to initiate a conversation with your crush

POSTED ON January 23rd  - POSTED IN How To Flirt

When you flirt, you do not just wink at the girl or wave a hand at her. In order to really make your flirting tactics effective with her, you have to initiate a conversation with her, introduce yourself and get to know more about her. Sounds easy, right?

I know it could be quite difficult at first. But once you have mastered the basics, I am pretty sure that you would be able to do it like you have never exerted much effort. It will definitely come out naturally. To help you in your dilemma, here are some tips that I can share with you for a more “effective” flirting with your crush.


  • Ask her a good starter question.

In this phase, you can try to make an observation on the environment or the people around you and formulate a question out of it like: “What a wonderful day, isn’t it?” or “Too crowded in this place, eh?” Actually, it does not matter what your topic would be. As long as you were able to start a conversation with her, then you are certainly effective with your tactics.

Remember that you are only inviting her to talk to you in this instance. However, when she responds positively, then perhaps you better think of a good topic already or else you will lose her just like that.


  • Talk about something you both know.

If you happen to go to the same class or you both have encountered a certain incident lately, this could be a good starter for you to initiate your conversation with her. You can start by saying:  “That incident is terrible. Have you seen how the car bumped to the wall? Somebody must have been hurt by the incident.” If she responded to you well, then grab this opportunity to really get closer to her and gain her trust. Remember that the more time that both of you talk together, the more you get at ease with each other as well.


  • Do not talk about something personal.

Never talk about your past relationships, religions, political views and the like not unless if she is open to that. But as a general rule, never talk about personal matters.


  • Observe the way she responds to you.

The critical part in flirting is the time when the girl reacts to your moves. If she responds positively, then good for you. But if not, then you better gracefully back out before things could get worse.

You would know that a girl would not mind talking to you if you see her smile back at you or answers to your questions even if the answer is already obvious. She might just even touch you in one way or another and perhaps keep on laughing at your boring and corny jokes.

However, if a girl does not like you, expect that she will never even take a glance at you, or if ever she glances back at you, she would just raise an eyebrow. Be sensitive in this matter. If you think she is annoyed and intimated by your presence, then just get out from the scene charmingly.

Teasing Girls the Right Way

POSTED ON January 20th  - POSTED IN How To Flirt

If you have known her just a minute a go, then you cannot just simply talk to her about your adventures or experiences in order to keep the conversation going. Likewise, being too touchy at the first instance would only send a different message to the girl you are talking to. So what are you going to do? I suggest you do the teasing. But of course, you have to do it the right way a man should do it.

You do not have to be physically present to do your moves with the girl. Sending her text messages or through a chat online could also be a good avenue to flirt with your crush. Keep everything light and fun. I am sure she would definitely love talking to you, if you know what I mean.

Remember that when you do the “teasing”, you should only do it lightly. You can try some simple jokes based on things or events in which both of you have personally encountered recently. Likewise, you can also try some “cute and mild” sarcasm or even an exaggeration. Just make sure that when you do it, let it appear as if you are tickling her bones and not turn out insulting her.

However, always keep in mind that there is always danger in teasing her. This is because, like I said earlier, you might just end up insulting her by the very words you have uttered. So always be careful with that. Hence, make it clear to her from the beginning that you are just beginning. Do not leave her wondering whether you really mean what you have said. To help you with that you can either use the following ideas:


  • Use winking smiley faces if you are texting.

The advantage of texting or chatting is that you do not get caught whether you are still thinking of a punch line or even get your tongue twisted. However, the disadvantage to this is that you do not have the chance to see how she reacts. You do not know whether she has been giggling or actually disgusted with what you have just said. So to make sure that you have really sent her the right message of your joke, you can put some winking smiley faces.

In the same way, you can text it in all caps to emphasize that what you are trying to imply is just a joke or something you really do not mean.


  • Do not forget to end your statement with “Just kidding” or “joke”.

If you are actually talking to her face to face, never forget to end your statement with something like “just kidding” or “joke”.  This is because you might only send her the wrong message thus making her really furious about it. Avoid overdoing it because she might just get annoyed or irritated. Make sure that when you do it, always be mindful of her reactions to gage whether you have gone overboard.


  • Do the funny gestures.

When you do the talking, you can incorporate some funny gestures. Girls love funny guys. Use this to your advantage.

Using Her Interests To Your Advantage

POSTED ON December 17th  - POSTED IN How To Flirt

Flirting is said to be the universal language of men. I am quite sure you know what I mean because you will definitely not find someone who has not flirted even just a bit. Wherever you see beautiful ladies, there are surely men flirting around them.

While flirting is being branded as the playful side of men, it could also turn to an advantage most especially in wooing someone you are really interested with. If you know how to play the game, then you will definitely get the very result you have been planning all along. But of course, remember to use this tactic in a nice manner. Doing it otherwise would only make the woman stay away from you.

If you already have an idea of your crush’s interests, then perhaps you could use this to your advantage. Use this as something that you can get closer with her without even giving her an idea that you are already flirting with her. Play it cool and spontaneous. So here are some of the ways that I could share with you. You may pattern your flirting tactics with these or you may simply make your own.


  • “He is really lucky to be dating with you.”

If she is currently dating someone, you can make it as a topic when you get the chance to converse with her. Tell her how much you like her by segueing how lucky is the guy dating her right now. I am very much sure that she would be very flattered to hear that. It is like music to her ears. It is as if she feels like a goddess hearing your compliments.


  • “I hope he knows how fortunate he is to have you.”

It is somehow quite similar to the first one mentioned. There is only a tiny twist. This message could imply that you really want her and how you regret the chance that you have passed. Tell her that she really means to you more than anything else through this statement. Let her think what you really mean. Do not give her the exact words: “I really like you.”


  • “I really envy him. He already has what I really want.”

This statement has somewhat indicated a sense of wanting her badly to the point that you envy the one whom she has been currently dating. It gives her a feeling of hoity-toity which boosts her self-confidence as a lady. This type of flirting tactic is quite effective to let her want you. This is because naturally, a woman would definitely go for a man whom she feels secured and “pretty”.


  • “It really turns me on to see a woman play (relay the sports she is into).”

Finally, you can also give her somewhat a guessing game like telling this statement. Let her think that you really like her without actually telling or explicitly confirming that you are into her. This would certainly make her wonder and even want you more. The more creative you are, the better.

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