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Effectively showing off in front of her

POSTED ON July 11th  - POSTED IN How To Attract Women

When you are into someone, you will definitely put your best foot forward. You will show her how nice you are and how good looking you are in wearing those body-fit tees. Anything that you can think of just to impress her would be a good idea. In doing this, you will definitely get her attention.  

However, the problem about this is that most men are also doing the same things. So how exactly are going to do it yourself without being branded as just a wanna-be of somebody else? Well, the answer to this is simple and already being regarded as a cliché. You just have to be yourself and be the best that you can be. Quite broad, eh? So how do we simplify things? Let me give you a few tips that you might consider in really making her fall for you:


  • Speak in smart language.

You can always show off and impress a girl when you do smart talking. Speaking in smart language does not mean that you will be talking about random political insights or some academic matters. You just have to be logical or somewhat philosophical whenever you get to discuss some simple or serious matters.

Women love men who are smart and intelligible. It only manifests a man’s capability to lead and decide wisely. When you would be able to pose this kind of image to a girl, then you are definitely on the right track. Your smart talking skills will never fail you in attracting women.


  • Regularly change your style and fashion.

You may find it cool when you are in your long hair this week. However, as the time goes by, when you feel there is already a need to change your hairstyle, please do not hesitate to do so. If you feel that you would look handsome with the style that you picked, then go one. Be the best that you can be. There is no one holding you back when it comes to this matter.

You just have to remember that when you change your style, it would be for the best. Make sure that it really suits your personality because having it otherwise would only make you ridiculous.


  • Do not try to imitate famous celebrities in their styles.

Most men who are insecure about themselves often imitate a famous celebrity so that they would look handsome like that of the latter. If you are sure about yourself that you would be able to attract women even without imitating a handsome actor in the Hollywood, then you better do your own style. Remember that if the woman likes you for who you are and not because you look like Brad Pitt, then you are just one lucky man.


  • Be fun to be with if you are with a cowgirl.

Girls want men who could jive along with them even at their wackiest moment. One thing that you should remember is that you should be able to know your audience. If she wants it that way, then do it her way.


  • Be serious if you are within a professional group.

If you are within a group of career people, then you should most probably act and dress like one.

Doing The Reverse Psychology On Women

POSTED ON June 6th  - POSTED IN How To Attract Women

They always say that giving everything you have is no longer healthy. This holds true most especially if the recipient is somewhat a usurper. You will definitely lose everything that you have without even getting something that you deserve.

When it comes to women, it is also not good for you to give everything that you have. That means you show too much care or passion even if it is still your first time to date. Well, it is really okay to show you care but never show that you are too obsessed caring for her that you would give everything just to make her happy. That sounds unfair on your part most especially that you are not 100% sure that she will, in turn, like you the same way that you do. So remember the rule, do not make things like your world only revolves around her. Reserve something for yourself and make her want you more.

As the saying goes, less is more. So when you are less into her, the more likely she will be into you. I can somehow relate it as a reverse psychology to women. First you show them you are interested in them and then leave the rest up to them. Make them feel that you are a good catch and that they cannot simply resist you. You have to play the game wisely because you might just end up losing her totally. Just a bit of this and that would do as long as you are effective in letting her want you more.

This could be quite a difficult tip that I could share with you because the whole move is really up to you. If you play nicely, then you got it. If you do not, then you would definitely fail. So here are some tips that I would like to share to you to help you make this more exciting.


  • Do not be around for her all the time.

One of the common mistakes of suitors is that they let the woman feel that they are around her all the time. Wherever she goes, they will definitely be there to do anything that she needs. While this could help in letting her feel how serious you are with her, there is still a downfall to this because the girl might just get annoyed with you in the long run and dump you just like that.

So the key here is that do not be present at all times in her sight. Let her look for you or wonder why you haven’t called. When handled appropriately, she will certainly say “yes” to you in no time.


  • Let her do most of the talking.

In a conversation, it is okay to do the starters. But make sure that she will be the one to do most of the talking. Let her share anything she wants and let her be the one to ask questions about you.


  • Just play it cool.

When you get rejected, play it like you are never affected. She might just change her mind after that. Remember that the more you show you are into her, the lesser she feels that she’s into you.

Cheating Is Women’s Greatest Enemy

POSTED ON May 15th  - POSTED IN How To Attract Women

If you want to attract women, make sure you have first gained their trust. The question is how are you going to obtain their trust if you have only met them twice or thrice? The answer to this is simple. You just have to give them an assurance that you will never cheat.

Cheating is deceiving. Women really hate men who deceive them into believing that they are the only woman they have been dating. At least, if you really want to date as many as you would want, make it clear to her that what you are up to is just getting to know more about her and not really for a relationship.

Once you lose her trust, you would definitely have a hard time gaining it back. Worst, she might never come back to you. That is why, as much as possible, when you have her, set your eyes only at her and never try to cheat. If you do, you will only regret it in the long run.

Even if she is boring, do not make that as an excuse to cheat on her. Instead, tell it to her in a nice way that will not hurt her feelings. Do not leave her in the dumps wondering what went wrong and what is lacking with her. If you are really a man, you would never let a girl feel that way.

Few things I want to share with you when it comes to cheating that women really hate. If you would do this in front of her, your reputation as a man would be at stake:


  • Getting drunk and having sex with other woman while you are exclusively dating.

It is okay to drink but make sure you do not get drunk. The worst thing that could happen is that you would end up sleeping with another girl whom you have just known for a few hours. Women do not want men who do these things as an ordinary regimen every time they drink. Chances are, they will never date with you again or that they will keep distant from you the moment you approach them. Being branded as such, you will definitely expect that fine women would never have second thoughts of not going out with you.


  • Talking and flirting with other girls.

Men are simply “friendly” by nature most especially when it comes to beautiful women. I know you really cannot resist talking to a girl who just happened to pass by if you find her truly attractive. Well, it is okay if you only speak to her formally. But if you try to flirt with her, then that is another story. Women who would be seeing you do that will never give you a chance if ever you do the same thing to them. Remember that women are very much sensitive. If they find you really flirtatious with plenty of girls, then you are banned from the club.


  • Caught with another girl and pretending not knowing the other girl.

Men tend to see nothing if they are caught red handed. It is as if they did not do anything. So, you better watch out because there are plenty of eyes looking at you.

Eye Contact vs. Staring

POSTED ON March 3rd  - POSTED IN How To Attract Women

When it comes to attracting women, having an eye contact is definitely the basic rule. What makes it attractive is its ability to give a woman somewhat a feeling of security and admiration. That is why if you notice in most of the movies, men makes women go head over heels with them because of the way they look at them.

However, there is a big difference between making an eye contact and just merely staring at a woman. The latter would sound creepy and really intimidating. How would you feel if someone is looking straight at you for no reason? Would you rather feel secured or frightened? I guess the lady would really freak out if she sees you staring at her.

Like they always say, staring at a person is rude. Why is this so? Well, there are so many reasons to tell why it is like this. For one, if she sees you staring at you, she might be thinking that you are up to something. In another sense, it would be quite an off for a man to only stare at a woman. It only shows that a man is coward enough not to tell the girl what he truly feels by simply staring at her.

Having an eye contact on the other hand is way too different. If the girl talks, you give her an eye contact and focuses on everything that she says. When you help her to do her errands, you make an eye contact. If you ask her for her number or simply ask her questions, make sure that you look into her eyes in a manly manner. When you do all of these, you have certainly make her attracted to you.

There are many things that I want you to know about having an eye contact with her. I hope you would be able to get it correctly so that you will not appear creepy:


  • When you make an eye contact, never disconnect even before she does.

Looking straight into her eyes could be quite intimidating at first. But since you are a man, you should not show that you are quite awkward with these moments. Make sure that when you make an eye contact, you will not be the one who is going to disconnect. Let her be the first one to take her eyes off.


  • Avoid staring blankly at her for a long time.

Staring at her blankly for a long time would only indicate cowardliness. If you have got something to tell her, say it the moment you think of it. Do not give her an impression that you might be after something. She might just see you as one creepy guy or just some psycho man or something. Remember that it is rude to stare. So if you have something to say, blurt it out before your fear overcomes you.


  • When you look at her, make sure you look serious.

Be confident. But this does not mean that you should look really arrogant. If you talk to her, be serious about it. Do not give her an impression as if you are just playing around.

Making Her Laugh Is The Best Way To Her Heart

POSTED ON February 5th  - POSTED IN How To Attract Women

I know you might have already heard about this but even if it becomes one of the abused ways of attracting women, it still remains to be one of the best. Its magic never fades. That is why if you have run out of idea on how to make her want you, then you could perhaps strike a simple joke that could make her laugh.

Having a good sense of humour is a gift. Well, for most. But eventually, if you will learn the basics of a good conversation, you would certainly be able to develop your skills in making her laugh effectively. As long as you can create a good punch line, I am quite sure that it will really work all the time.

This time, creativity is a must. You have to think of many possible ways in which you could get through the hearts of women. As much as possible, your style must be original or else you would just end up mimicking others. If you want the girls to like you just the way you are, then make your style truly different from that of others.

When you try to make her laugh, it does not mean that you have to tell jokes all the time or tell something funny that you can see around you. This is because there will be a tendency that you might just be overdoing it instead of only using it at a perfect timing. That is why I would like to share with you something that might be able to help you in this phase of your conversation with a girl.


TIP # 1: Telling dirty jokes is a big no-no.

If you think all women are the same, then you are thinking primitive. Women have different likes and dislikes. That is why if one woman bought this kind of joke, surely the other one would only disregard it. That is the same thing with jokes. If other women in the bar bought it, you cannot expect that a girl you have met at a coffee shop would feel the same way.

Since most women are sensitive to dirty jokes, then you better eliminate it from the list of jokes you have prepared as a starter on your conversation.


TIP # 2: Do not make fun of other people.

This is the worst thing that you could ever do if you want to attract women. This is because she might only think that you would also do the same thing at her behind her back. So if you want to tell something funny, do it more creatively.


TIP # 3: Do not be the first one to laugh hard at your jokes.

If you are going to tell a joke, make sure that you will not be the first one to laugh at it. It is quite weird for you to do it because you would just appear desperate. Try doing it with a serious face. They might just be laughing hard about it.


TIP # 4: Do it intelligently.

Having a good sense of humour is not just all about telling jokes. It is also a matter of talking intelligently with good punch lines.

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